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New Color Options !! Now available for order. 936.598.6689

Check out the new look option on all our our buildings. Mix and match your color to get this awesome 2 Tone look that sets your building apart from all others. Now available for orders.

Spartan Decks.. Call 936.598.6689
Portable Decks

Spartan Structures offers a wide range of portable decks. From a front porch to a covered cooking area, we have you covered. Call us today to discuss your new deck options. 936.598.6689

Disposal Well Driver’s Lounge

Spartan Structures not only offers a wide variety of quality built oilfield housing units, but they also offer a wide variety of other oilfield applications. One of these particular units are the Disposal Well Driver's Lounge. These units are built for oilfield field durability and can with stand the most extreme conditions. From extreme cold in North Dakota to the extreme heat of South Texas, Spartan Structures has a design for you. Call us today and let Spartan Structures knowledgeable staff design your Disposal Well Driver's Lounge.

Spartan Structures is one of the leading providers of dormitory housing across the United States. Our dormitories are designed and manufactured for many different capabilities and sizes. The Spartan team will provide you with a dormitory that will offer quality and durability. Our dorms offer multiple options for accommodations both private and open units, laundry units, kitchen/diner units, recreational units.

Spartan Structures provides dormitories for many different industries including: Staffing Dorms, Government Dorms, Military Dorms, Company Dorms, Prison Dorms, and Workforce Housing Dorms. Call the Spartan team for your next quality designed and manufactured dormitories.

Call Spartan Structures for more information (936) 598-6689.

Call Spartan Structures for more information (936) 598-6689.

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